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Travel Writing by Chelle

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What can I write for you today?

Every month, I update my site to give you the freshest travel articles and story ideas available. If you like my ideas and style, but don't find anything here that currently meets your needs, please contact me at 239-699-4754 to discuss specific destinations or topics.
Keep me in mind when your publication is planning round-up articles that involve any of these topics:
  • Family travel
  • Spas and resorts
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Culture and folk arts
  • Adventure and outdoor travel
  • Florida
  • Caribbean
  • Other tropical locales
To send an e-mail, click this address:

Or give me a call at (239) 699-4754.

Need an Expert?

As co-founder and officer of, I am pleased to direct you to this useful web site when "shopping" for travel writing talent. We pre-qualify all of our nearly 100 authors to make sure they are recently published experts on their designated destinations.

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